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Akashic Records Practitioner

Podcast Host

a bit about me


I'll start with my business experience... I have been in the home staging & design industry since 2015, had intense hands on training and, after a few years, put myself in a position to buy a staging company at age 26. Since then I have had growth in all ways; the company is now a multiple six figure business and I have had an entire mindset shift along the way that has driven me to use what I've learned to help others.

Now for the personal stuff...trying to find yourself & your life purpose comes with its pits and peaks. But having a strong ambition to become the best version of myself gave me the drive to figure it out as fast as I could...

My life was lead down the spiritual path. I had multiple spiritual + psychic experiences growing up, but I did not dive deeper into why at the time. I thought they were so "out there" that anyone I told would not understand, but I had an inner knowing that there was profound significance in each experience.

The sudden passing of my Mom in 2009 seemed to open the flood gates and the Universe was doing everything in its power to awaken me from societal programing.

I had what many would call a huge spiritual awakening in 2012 (I know many others woke up this year as well). I dove into anything spiritual: medium readings, angel readings, tarot & oracle cards, astrology, numerology, crystals, yoga, affirmations, the law of attraction, you name it! However, I had fears of judgement, and ridicule for my beliefs so I continued to keep my studies and practices to myself.

Then in 2020, what I would call my second spiritual awakening happened. This was the year that connected all the dots. I finally found the connection between my spiritual beliefs AND science, from there, more & more answers came flowing in. And with this...I began to study consciousness, neuroplasticity/brain rewiring, basic quantum physics, meditation, inner child work, shadow work, intuition strengthening techniques, energetic healing, and the akashic records.

What I found was some, if not ALL, of these spiritual modalities were significantly helping my business, relationships, finances, and health flourish! My intuitive gifts significantly heightened and downloads of how to change my reality for the better came flowing in. After strengthening these practices in my own life I am now called to share...if life can be this amazing and synchronistic surely others need to know about this!

My offerings are my way to help better the lives of those who are done living in struggle consciousness. I work to help heal lack-based mindsets and shift lives at a vibrational level. 

My mission is to help people step into their abundance, ease, flow, prosperity, wealth, happiness, and alignment!

I truly believe one of my life purposes is living by example (sometimes learning the "hard" way) and showing others that there ARE more possibilities than what is presented to us in mainstream society. I am here to help shift the paradigm.

If you are on the same wavelength, let's work together & create the celestial success you desire. I'm excited for you already!

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